The Wisdom Mind Meditation Course

Taking your Meditation Practice to the next level   with     Wisdom Mind

What follows the ’10-day’ programme.

When you’re ready, there’s much more for you to discover. The Wisdom-Mind course builds significantly on the basics given in the 10-day programme – It’s designed to make Mindfulness and Meditation your guardian – your constant ally.

Mindfulness and Meditation in Greater Depth

Use it to cope better. To respond with greater ease and wisdom to all manner of difficult life-events:

For example:

  • Finding a gentler way through family, work or health stresses.
  • Being less judgemental or negative in how you talk to yourself (in your head I mean, not out loud!).
  • Finding it easier to nurture your self-esteem.
  • Recognising early signs of when you’re getting tired, then acting to preserve your energy before exhaustion drags you under.
  • Knowing how to calm down your ‘emotional tsunamis’ before they sweep you away.
  • Knowing what to say and how to say it, no matter what is happening.

A Programme Designed with You in Mind

‘Wisdom-Mind Meditation’ will be a 8-week online course with regular Facebook Lives to answer your questions and give you support.  It’s design is in its early stages and is progressing well.    It’ll be starting later this year.

Letting me know you’re interested is simplicity itself… Click on the button below and I’ll drop you a line when the course is ready to fly.

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