A free guided video meditation to calm and relax you in just Nine Breaths

even if you’ve struggled with meditation before or you’ve no idea how to start.

Nine Breaths Guided Meditation


BulletpointFeeling calmer than you do right now, so you don’t have to slam the door and stomp down the road to cool off, after yet another squabble with your other half!

BulletpointYour shoulders relaxing. Releasing feelings of tightness and soreness. A deep sense of peace and ease developing, encouraging overwhelm in the form of doubts, helplessness or anxiety to drain away.  When you’re looking after someone with dementia or cancer this place of refuge is priceless.

BulletpointYour brain-fog dispersing, leaving you with a bright and clear mind. Inspired with simple ways you can support your mum, your sister, your kids.

It’s all possible following the Nine Breaths Meditation video. The Nine Breaths is a proven meditation technique that relaxes you, brings peace of mind into place and lets you see a clear path ahead.

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