Getting to know Dad. Don’t leave it too late.

Transcript – Getting to know Dad

What’s your relationship like with your Dad?

I started to think about mine when I realised that my Dad was becoming quite elderly and infirm. It hit home to me that if I didn’t do something about it soon I wasn’t going to have much time left with him on this earth. It might be too late. I didn’t want my later life filled with regret by not having something about this.

But I was too late.  He developed dementia and a few years later he died.

However, my meditation practice has still been of huge benefit to me because I have used it to investigate the differences that we still had between us.

And I still use my daily meditation practice to remember him and to remember the fact that he loved me, even if he was no good at talking about it.

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If you are interested in reading more about the techniques that I used then go and read the blog The Mindfulness Guide to Mum and Dad and let me know your thoughts.

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