I lead a very busy life. As well as launching my Wisdom-Mind business, I also have a thriving acupuncture practice, a husband and a home to look after. I can manage all this now as I took the important step of sorting my work-life balance.

However, my life wasn’t always like this… watch the video or read the transcript to find out more.


Back in the bad old days, I would go to work and when I got to my desk I would start off 4 or 5 different jobs, go and teach my classes (this was in pre-acupuncture days by the way), come back and read my emails.

Later in the day, I would still have those 4 or 5 jobs still on my desk with not that much progress on them so I would end up feeling damn stressed and irritated.

Then in the evening I would go and teach a couple of aerobics classes. If I didn’t have any of my own classes to teach then I would burn out what energy I did have in the gym.

I was suffering from IBS from lunchtime till the evening, every single day.  It was just so constantly painful all of the time.  Not only that, my tummy became so badly bloated at one time that my students thought I was pregnant!

I realised I couldn’t go on like this.  I couldn’t stick on this treadmill forever. But how was I going to change the habits of a lifetime?

Well, initially yoga really helped me and the mindfulness that comes with a quiet, stretching type of practice like that.  Then later on when I developed a more focused meditation practice that helped me even more.

It helped me go from really flat out busy all of the time to taking a little more of a calm and measured approach to life, most of the time.

Find Out More

If you pop over to my blog TLC for Life and Relationships,  you will be able to read a little bit more about how I did this. It would be great if you could tell me what you think.  Put some comments in the comments box.  I’d love to hear from you.


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