The idea of sitting still to meditate can be really off-putting. 😕

How do you do it when your body aches and twitches? 😐

Or when your mind is bouncing around, thinking about the million other things you should be doing rather than just sitting? Luckily, there are two easy solutions that will take you from hyperactive and distracted to relaxed and alert 😉

Sitting still in Meditation

One is don’t sit, use another position that’s more comfortable.  See my blog on choosing the best position to meditate in here.

The second is to do something physical but that calms and balances your mind before you sit. The perfect example of a calming, balancing physical movement is Standing Balance.

For Sitting, try Standing Balance

This can be as simple as standing on one foot whilst you lift the heel of your other foot and rest on your toes. Or you can make it more challenging and lift one foot right up and back towards your bottom.

I’ve recorded a short case study about when I needed to use Standing Balance before meditating and demonstrate 3 levels of standing balance in the video below.

Using Standing Balance

The idea of this balancing sequence is that your mind will not be able to think about anything else apart from trying to balance. You’ll be able to put all the other stuff to one side.  Watch the sequence in the video below (starting at 2:11 if you want to jump straight to the standing balance bit). Give it a try (but a lot more slowly than I demonstrate it) and see if it works for you.

Which Standing Balance position to choose?

If you’re not used to standing on one leg use Position One, where you stand on one foot and your toes.

Positions Two and Three may cause you to wobble around a lot.  But that’s good from a mental perspective because it means you stop thinking about your To-Do list and are completely focused on not falling over!  Correct your wobbles by resting one hand on a chair or a wall.

Hold your position for one minute.

After doing one leg, do the other, also for a minute.

Slowly put your leg down and stand, both feet on the floor.

By now your mind will be feeling steady and stable, the perfect point to sit down and complete the rest of your meditation.

Here to help

If you want more tips on ‘How to quieten your mind in meditation’ download this free PDF. If you want a meditation practice to try for free, here’s my Nine Breaths meditation for you to try.  I love to hear from you so if you’ve any queries please email me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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