Why meditate?  Specifically, are you clear about why you want to meditate?

Understanding why you want to meditate will make a huge difference!  It will powerfully help your motivation to start meditating.  It will help you stay consistent in your meditation practice long enough to get the results you’re looking for 🙂

What results are you looking for from meditation?

Four common reasons why people meditate are:

They want a better relationship with their family.

They want to reduce stress.

Self-care has got to the top of their ‘to-do’ list and meditation is part of that ‘looking after yourself’ process.

It’s part of a life plan or a personal development plan.

You may have just one of these reasons in your head, or, like me, you may have a combination of them.

Meditation: Improving Relationships

One of the reasons that I started meditating was to improve my difficult relationships with my parents.  Another reason was to improve the relationship I had with my hubby.  I was in my early forties when all this was stuff was bouncing around in my head.  I guess you could call it a mid-life crisis!

With meditation, you can start to get a handle on the relationships which are important to you and start working out you can improve them.  Have a read of the Mindfulness Guide to Mum and Dad and Mindfulness delivers TLC for more information on how that worked in practice.

Ask yourself if you want to change anything about how your relationships run?  Would this be a good outcome to aim for with your meditation?

Why Meditate?  Reducing Stress

Along with wanting easier relationships, I was also starting up a new business, my acupuncture clinic.  Starting your own business and becoming self-employed is very stressful!  I made meditation part of my personal self-care at this time to help ease me through the initial stages of being my own boss. 

Is there a specific work or home situation, either happening now or coming up, which is causing you to feel stressed?

Has this situation cropped up before?

Is it likely to crop up again?

If you’d like to cope better – or even avoid these situations re-occurring, then those would be excellent reasons for meditation and outcomes that you could track to see see how they’re coming along.

Why Meditate?  Self-care

It’s become non-negotiable for you to put more time into caring for yourself. Whether this is because you are ill or someone you are close to is ill or it’s because of death, divorce or redundancy, there comes a time when

You crave stillness amongst the chaos  

Time to feel like yourself again.

If this is you then meditation will help you relax and calm down your mind.  Put those down as goals for your meditation.

Why Meditate?  Life or Personal Development Plan

Have you analysed your life and decided that it is ‘unsatisfactory’ (I’m being polite here, LOL)? You may have identified that;

You aren’t doing much that makes you happy.

You’ve identified things that drain you.

You know what you want to do to live your ideal life.

The result of doing that analysis is that you want to be less plagued by worry and anxiety, get less angry or have more energy to mention but a few conclusions you might come to.  Calming down your negative emotions and boosting your positive emotions are all great outcomes to aim for with meditation.

So, Why Meditate?

Ultimately, if you’ve decided you want to use meditation, it’s because you want to make a shift in your life for the better.

One of the things using meditation will teach you is the skill of mindfulness. You learn to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Then the calm mind space that meditation gives you means you change how you view and respond to them. 

Meditation isn’t going to suddenly solve all of your problems in your life. 

It will enable you to come up with more ideas on how to get under, over, or around those things that are really affecting you.

Is meditation the guarantee of everlasting happiness? No, it’s not. But it will get you into a zone of feeling more peaceful and calmer for longer and longer periods of time, and that in itself is a really fabulous result.

Help and Support

Back to my initial question, why do you want to meditate? If you need a bit of structured help thinking about this and trying to get some clarity on it, then download my meditation starter kit.  I’ve included a little quiz in there to trigger off some thought processes and help you draw some conclusions. 

Please feel free to ask questions, leave me a message in the comments below. But if what you want to ask is a little bit private or a little bit personal, then you can always contact me directly.

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