You ‘may’ have noticed we’re living in TURBOCHARGED anxious times! A crisis has shown up unexpectedly (they do that) which is threatening ourselves, those we love and our way of life 😕

NO WONDER we’re feeling a bit on the edge. It’s all due to a little Almond-shaped shaped bit of our brain called the Amygdala. It’s an ancient bit of kit designed to bring threats to our attention. Trouble is, it only has two settings. OFF or SABRETOOTH TIGER COMING!


TIGER SETTING: your body goes into fight, flight or freeze mode. All of these will cause your muscles to tighten up and cause headaches, neck and shoulder aches, back and tummy aches. Or you may feel like all your energy has drained away and you want to hide in a cave.

CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT. Whilst your brain is shouting Tiger!! over and over, it’s very difficult to think straight. It gets really hard to make decisions, absorb information (and there’s a ton of that about) and to think rationally. If you’re feeling like this you’re a normal human being! But you don’t have to stay stuck in Tiger mode.

9 Breaths to a Calmer Mind Mobile PhoneWHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW is breathe. Right now your breath may be a bit shallow and fast (it goes like that when your anxious or stressed).

Download the free Nine Breaths Meditation from This is a short breathing meditation which will calm and deepen your breath. It will make you feel much better!

Is come and join me in a 20 – 25-minute moving and breathing meditation (on Facebook Live). I’ve planned it so we can stroke our tigers, get them purring contently and soothe them back to sleep! All you’ll need is a chair to sit in.

PUT it in your DIARY (or leave yourself a note) and follow my Facebook Page. Then you’ll get a notification of when the live meditation begins. It’ll be lovely to see you there!

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