Trump & Brexit. A wave of change.

Change.  Something that as a rule, we humans don’t like that much, particularly if we can’t see where it’s leading to a’ la Trump and Brexit.  I don’t think I am alone at the moment  in thinking up very vivid stories about the end of civilisation as we know it.  😥

But in the end that’s all they are….stories.  Fantasy imaginings about the future created by our own minds. The reality is no one knows what the future holds, not least the political pollsters or the endless stream of ‘experts’ sharing their opinions in the media.

Roll up your sleeves and join me in taking some positive action!

1. Mindfully Focus in what needs doing right now.

Your mindfulness kit bag to escape Brexit anxietyThis stuff that needs doing is definite, not imaginary.  Today for me this means the compost needs to be spread onto the garden, I need to prepare some lunch tomorrow. I need to replace the zips in my clinical white coats.  Doing what needs to be done right now is easy and achievable and gives me a sense of satisfaction.

WisdomMind bulletpointWhat do you need to do today?  Focus on getting those tasks done thoroughly (be mindful) and done well.

2. Trump/ Brexit are only traumatic if you choose to experience them as traumatic.

Instead, you can just see them as changes that you can deal with.  Trump/ Brexit may not be the end of the world but just the beginning of a new one.

WisdomMind bulletpoint A new world where we don’t waste resources like food or fuel like we tend to now.

WisdomMind bulletpoint One where we eat less and drastically cut the risk of getting diabetes/ dementia/ heart attack or stroke.

WisdomMind bulletpoint One where we work together/ live together in supportive communities rather than living out our lives in isolation welded to our social media stream or the TV.

Choose to see these Trump/ Brexit events as coming about due to the need for change.  Make use of this ‘change momentum’ to decide what you can do to change. I helped myself do this by googling to see what I can do to stop climate change.  I looked at these websites like these:

This reassured me that I was already doing a number of things to reduce climate change, but there are still more easy things I easily blend into my life.  Take a read and see what you can do.

WisdomMind bulletpoint Taking action like this helps get rid of the ‘stuck, rabbit in the headlights’ feeling of traumatic events.

3. Be the ‘somebody’ who is creating some good ripples of feeling in your world.

Pro-actively counter-balance the fear, the anxiety, the aggression that you have been reading on social media by sharing other food for thought, some hope, some positive suggestions rather than even more disaster scenarios.

It is your own actions that can make the world a better place, that can counterbalance the actions of political leaders that you disagree with.  So share the good stuff on social media, don’t share the miserable, the defeatist, the alarmist.  Ask your friends and family to do the same.

If you disagree with something you have read or heard, ask why the writer thinks that way?  Offer an alternative way of looking at a situation that can enable a change of mind, a softening of a rigid point of view.  Let this ripple out.  Who knows, it might even reach our politicians!

WisdomMind bulletpoint Be the calm, the peace for your family, your friends, your colleagues.
Escape Brexit anxiety - Care for yourself

4. Look after yourself.

Keep your energy levels up, so you can keep sharing out all those positive vibes!  Your family, friends, colleagues, the whole world needs you to be fully functioning!

WisdomMind bulletpoint Meditate!  Or if you don’t meditate yet, just sit comfortably and calmly for a minute before you eat any meal.  Take 5 slow, easy breaths.  Let your heart rate drop down, your blood pressure lower, your muscles relax, your tummy relax.  The relaxation part of meditation/ mindful breathing helps restore your energy levels.  If you do this before eating it will help you digest your food easily so it can provide you with the fuel to keep going.

WisdomMind bulletpoint Meditate!  Or walk slowly and mindfully in a green, open-air space.  This gives you space for your head to see things differently and to come up with creative solutions.

WisdomMind bulletpoint Exercise (but not in a way that burns you out).  You could do Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, swimming, walking or jogging. Anything that is comfortable and easy to do.  Moving stops you from feeling stuck. It stops you from stagnating.

WisdomMind bulletpoint Get outside and look at beautiful, inspirational nature, the moon, the sunrise (it was a cracker this morning), the colour of any remaining autumn leaves – still stunning.

Have you got any other ideas to share to counterbalance and calm down the tumult being felt right now?  Share them in the comments box below and create more momentum for positive change.

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