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Could meditation help you eat better?

Do you veer between eating too much and not eating at all?   Could meditation help you eat better? In this video, I explain how meditation can go hand-in-hand with gently guiding you to a healthy eating habit. How?  By making you take a pause in your day to calm your mind down. This helps you gain clarity and use that clear headspace to set your intention to eat regularly and, clarify your action plan on how exactly you’ll achieve that.

Quieten your Mind

More Help

In the video I recommend downloading How to Quieten Your Mind in Meditation, 11 tried and tested tips I’ve put together based on over a decade of my own meditation experiences.  In particular, I refer to section 2 which looks at how your ToDo List can dominate your day to the exclusion of all else, including eating.

If you have any questions, just pop them in the comments below or drop me a line.

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