Mountain Meditation




Use this Mountain View to do a short meditation.

Place your gaze on the small peak at the top left of the picture.  Let your eyes rest on it and absorb its colour, shape and texture.

Practice ‘just looking’ and not thinking.

As you gaze, practice ‘just looking’ and not thinking. The sorts of thoughts that easily bubble up are descriptions of the scene, like “that’s nice” or “it’s grey and brown and green, it’s got channels running down the side”, etc.  When you notice these thoughts (or any other sort), mentally turn away from them and refocus on ‘just looking’ at the small peak.

  • Gradually let your eyes move along the top profile of the summit, down into the little valley and up to the bigger peak next to it.
  • Let your gaze slowly move along the top of bigger peak, looking at the smooth mountain top connecting up to the blue sky.

Slow and easy

Bring your gaze down the RHS of the picture to the rocky outcrop, about a third of the way down from the top. Then, trace the rocks back towards the hillock and behind that to cliff edges of the main peak.  Slow and easy as you do this, there’s no rush!

  • Slowly move your gaze back along the cliff edges, towards the centre of the picture and down into the valley to the small tarn (the little lake).
  • Rest there awhile gazing at the lake. Sense the spaciousness of the view.
  • Absorb that sense of spaciousness. Let it fill your mind and give rise to calmness.
Stay like that for as long as you wish 🙂

When thoughts are crowded together and flavoured with a strong emotion like anger or anxiety, you can remain calmer bt invoking this sense of spaciousness,  Use it to step back from a maelstrom of emotion.

Xx Annya

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If you have any questions, just pop them in the comments below or drop me a line.

I’ll respond asap 🙂

xx Annya

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