Imagine what it would feel like to drop into meditation without any effort; without your mind bouncing around thinking of the million things you ‘should’ be doing.

When my mind is feeling decidedly rebellious about sitting still, I’ve found the best solution is tostanding balance simply to stand still first.

And if that isn’t enough to calm my mental chatter, then reducing the head space available by doing some simple balance moves as well. The idea being that you’re so busy balancing, your mind isn’t be able to think about anything else!

Try Standing Balance before sitting

  • Start by simply just standing still, your weight evenly balanced on both feet.
  • Then slowly lift one heel off the ground and hold your balance like that for a few moments.  Then swop over and lift your other heel.
  • If your balance is pretty good,  you can make it more challenging by lift one foot back towards your bottom.
Watch the video

Follow the balancing sequence in the video below (starting at 2:11 if you want to jump straight to the balance bit) and see how it works for you.  I’ve put some tips on which position to choose and how to follow your standing with your sitting meditation, underneath the video.

Which Standing Balance position to choose?

If you’re not used to standing on one leg, use Position One, where you stand on one foot and have the other heel lifted off the ground.

Positions Two and Three may cause you to wobble around a lot.  But that’s good because you stop thinking about your To-Do list 🙂 Not a bad idea to be completely focused on not falling over!

Correct your wobbles by resting one hand on a chair or a wall.standing balance with chair

Hold your position for one minute.

After doing one leg, do the other, also for a minute.

Slowly put your leg down and stand, both feet on the floor.

By now your mind will be feeling steady and stable, the perfect point to sit down and complete the rest of your meditation.

Here to help

If you want more tips on ‘How to quieten your mind in meditation’ download this free PDF. This will give a head start on staying calm and focused as well as tips on establishing a good meditation mindset.

I love to hear from you so if you’ve any questions, please email me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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