Achieve more calm in your day – Try my Nine Breaths for a Calmer Mind download


It’s a common misconception that mindfulness and meditation is a selfish thing, a self-centred thing to do.  You could even be accused of wasting time because there are so many things to get done in a day.

But STOP one moment.

Just look at yourself.  Look at how you feel right now. Do you feel:

A bit headachey?



Grumpy and irritable?

Do you shout at people or are you just withdrawing off into a corner and not speaking to anyone?

Does it even make you want to cry and make you feel anxious & despondent?

Do you really like feeling that crappy?

What you need is a bit of nurturing time, time to care for yourself and re-energise and calm down your centre.  You can go and do some Yoga, Pilates or Swimming.  You can go and have a massage, reflexology or a facial.  All of those things are really lovely nurturing things to do BUT…

They require you to go somewhere else and have it done, they require someone else to do it to you in order to get that calm, quiet space you are looking for.

How about developing your own strength, your own skills to nurture and look after yourself, to calm those emotions down, to calm your thoughts down and find your own point of equilibrium whenever you need to?  Then you can put all your problems in perspective and you are in control.

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If you’ve got any other questions about mindfulness and meditation go over to the website and check out the blog 10 Myths and Misconceptions.  Hopefully, it will answer any other questions you have and if you have any more questions, then write them in the comments box underneath and then I can answer them.

Here’s to some self-nurturing!

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Achieve more calm in your day – Try my Nine Breaths for a Calmer Mind download

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