Kim’s Meditation Experience

This testimonial is from one of my students, who is now a good friend, and her meditation experience after she completed the first meditation training programme I taught.

First of all, she used it to help her with the general run of everyday pressures. Much to her amazement, she found a short morning meditation helped her stay calm and clear minded throughout her working day and everything that she had to achieve in that day seemed much easier to do.

But then life gave her one of those ‘kick in the butt’ experiences…her Mum first needed a hysterectomy and then was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  Kim was the one in her family that took on the responsibility of accompanying her Mum to the many hospital visits.

She had to spend time listening and trying to make sense of what the consultants were saying.  She also needed to push them for clarity about what the precise diagnosis and treatment would be when none seemed to be forthcoming.  This was all on top of making sure her Dad was OK and keeping her business running.

I advised her to get back into her lapsed meditation practice and do just 5 minutes a day.  It is for precisely these big challenges that life throws at us that your meditation practice time prepares you for…

You can hear from Kim herself in the video below or read the transcript below that!

Kim’s meditation experience transcript

I took Annya’s meditation course not very long ago and really enjoyed it. I have really struggled with getting to grips with meditation before, I didn’t get it.  Couldn’t see how I was supposed to clear my mind.  I didn’t really understand it, it didn’t really work for me.

But Annya’s tips and techniques really helped me get it.  I was suddenly able to meditate.

The benefits were amazing.  I could suddenly do more work.  My mind was clear. I felt calm. I could cope with the pressures of the day.  Everything seemed so much easier to do – it was brilliant and I loved it.

But like all new things, I stopped doing it, I got out of the habit, which was ridiculous as it only takes 5 mins a day and you still feel the same benefits.

So anyway, life moved on and you get the kick in the butt that you sometimes get.  My mother was actually diagnosed with cancer, which was very sad. I had to spend a lot of time at the hospital and, of course, I was under huge pressure.  I felt overwhelmed, tired and resentful because I didn’t understand why her?  So it was a very difficult time for me.

So talking to Annya, she just said go back to meditation.  I thought “I haven’t got time for this”, BUT I did and it was great:

  • I felt so much calmer!
  • I could cope with my day!
  • It was brilliant! I really felt the benefits.
  • It was fantastic!

So thank you very much Annya.

And I would highly recommend that anyone does her course.

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