It’s a popular misconception that in order to do mindfulness or meditation you have to live the life of a monk or a nun, withdrawn from everyday life, living a very austere existence.

But, in fact, the opposite is true.  You can use mindfulness and meditation in this worldly secular setting. It’s a really brilliant tool to help us with the difficult things that hit us in life, like:

Dealing with chronic pain.

Dealing with awkward family members.

Or overcoming the problems presented by annoying work colleagues and bosses.

What mindfulness and meditation do is teach you to calm down your thoughts. To slow them down and to calm down your emotions, so that you can work from a point of equilibrium to deal with all of these difficulties.  Because those difficulties aren’t going to go away, they are going to keep coming in and what you need is a calm quiet centre in order to deal with them effortlessly.

Now the great thing about mindfulness and meditation is that you can benefit from it straight away, you don’t have to study it for years before you can start doing it.

Find out more

I really recommend that you go and read the blog that Kim, one of my students wrote. It is titled “It makes life so much easier”. Kim explains how she has used meditation to cope with a few crises that have come up in her life.

Are you sitting on the fence about whether or not meditation and mindfulness are the sort of thing you should do? The other blog that would be worth checking out is ‘10 Myths and Misconceptions about Mindfulness’.  You might have a few questions and this blog might answer them for you. If it doesn’t then please write some comments in the box underneath the blog and I will get back to you.

Oh, and PS

You don’t have to go round chanting OMMMM either – even though it’s a really fab thing to do!

Achieve more calm in your day – Try my Nine Breaths for a Calmer Mind download

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