How does meditation take you from feeling stressed, to feeling more peaceful with the world? By training your mind in the process of ‘letting go’.  Here’s a case study illustrating what I mean.

Burning bacon!

My mum loves cooking bacon till it was really crispy. All well and good unless she forgot it was under the grill! Very crispy bacon rapidly became burnt bacon. Cue lots of smoke, which filled the kitchen, drifted into the living room then set off the fire alarm. 

The Fire Brigade are called and, thankfully, find nothing worse than cremated bacon.

When I went to bed after the call-out, I lay awake going over and over the same thought, “how I could stop this from happening again”?

Meditation trains you to let go

Meditation Outdoors

Can you recall a time when you’ve had a fixed thought in your head, going around and around?  If you can, then you’ll know how this can lead to you feeling stuck and more than a little stressed. 

Meditation provides you with the means to break the cycle of recurring thoughts by ‘letting them go’.  How? When you learn to meditate, you learn four basic skills:

  • Focusing (on the subject of your meditation)
  • Noticing when your focus has wandered.
  • Bringing your mind back to your meditation.
  • Then letting go of what distracted you.

The ability to ‘let go’ is, not surprisingly, at the heart of finding peace and stillness. It is a technique that takes time and practice to develop but it is worth the effort!

In my case, once I’d realised my thoughts were getting me nowhere fast, I went through a short breathing meditation that took me through the ‘letting go’ process – it is like closing the door on the circular thoughts that want to creep back in – very satisfying 😊 

From there I eased into a peaceful sleep.

The following morning, I had a clearer head which allowed some new ideas to pop up that solved the problem, thank goodness!

Help for you

To help you get started with meditation, I’ve written Your Meditation Starter Kit which explains in more detail how it helps you to a peaceful mind and includes a 5-step guide to starting your practice.

If you’ve got any questions about meditation, for example, if you’re worried that it’s not working for you feel free to email me and I will answer as soon as I can.

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