When you are feeling frustrated meditation can help!

Here’s how I am using meditation at the moment.

We (that’s me and my team) are working hard to write,video-record, edit and get online a 10-day meditation programme for you. I’m also preparing a free 5-minute meditation programme to start you off as well!

Video recording a 10 day meditation programme

Here I am reviewing the meditation training we have just recorded. … in a very cold village hall.

We have recorded 6 videos so far, but I want to record 3 of them again (it’s so important that they are just right).  The last recording session was a month ago, and it was then I made the (arbitrary) decision that a month was enough time….

Wisdom MindEnough time to finish writing the final 5 scripts, filming and then editing the videos.

Wisdom MindEnough time to work with my team learning how to use brand new software which will make your access to the programme smooth and seamless.

Wisdom MindAs well as working in my acupuncture clinic.

Looking back at that decision now, I think…WAS I INSANE???

I’m now starting to get a bit frustrated because I’m not going to (quite) meet that deadline I set myself – and that, of course, is where my Mindfulness comes in!

Mindfulness in action

Me in mid-flow explaining one of the meditation skills I cover in the 10 day programme

I am reminding myself that the date and time I set myself was of my own choosing.  I can move that date and I have in fact now moved it.  Mindfulness has helped me to understand that the most important thing for me is looking after my health. An important part of that is not giving into self-created stress. The second layer to this realisation is to enjoy the journey!  I am on in creating all this fabulous training material.  to maximise my enjoyment, I need to take things step by step, rather than rushing through and looking for the next ‘new thing’ for me to do.

So, I’m looking forward to introducing you to this new programme for a calmer you – just a little later than planned!

Update: And here it is!

Achieve more calm in your day – Try my Nine Breaths for a Calmer Mind download

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