Is your biggest stumbling block getting your meditation to ‘stick’ as a consistent practice?  Knowing why you want to meditate is a key factor in making your practice stick because then you’ll have a specific goal that you’re using your meditation for.   And you can use it to track your progress too.

Is this you?

I feel like a multiple meditation failure” 


I started full of enthusiasm and goodwill several times but rarely made it past day 5″.  

ARGH!!! I feel your frustration at wanting to do it but not being able to keep up the momentum.  Let me help by sharing the behind-the-scenes secrets I used to keep me going when I first started.

But before I dive into that, a question for you:

Do you know why you want to meditate? 

Having this knowledge is a bit like setting yourself a clear goal. When you know why you’re doing your meditation it helps you stick with consistent and regular practice.  Knowing I wanted better relationships with my hubby and my parents were one part of my secret formula.

mindfulness in a relationshipWanting Better Relationships

My relationship with my Mum and Dad had been a struggle for my whole adult life.    Now I was in my forties I felt it was time to change that.  I couldn’t put up with feeling anxious or frustrated every time I talked to them on the phone or visited. Seeing as Dad was getting older and frailer, if I didn’t change things now, then I’d have lost the opportunity.  I didn’t want to regret not having taken action earlier.

Similarly, with my hubby, our relationship of 20 years was not as happy and harmonious as either of us wanted.  If we were going to stick together for another twenty, we needed to do something to change that.

Tracking meditation progress

Once I’d identified what I wanted to get from the meditation I made a conscious and deliberate decision;

To track how meditation was helping me with phone calls and visits to my parents.

To track how I was getting on with Steve.

This was a case of mindfulness-in-action (and the second ingredient in my secret formula).

The idea of doing this review came from my own, very experienced meditation teacher.  Having access to a wiser and more experienced meditator than myself was the third ingredient in my secret formula.

Reviewing progress

I decided to do my review at the beginning of each meditation session.  I made sure I actually did this by having a set of questions to work through:

How did my life look and feel like yesterday?

Was it as happy and harmonious as I wanted it to be?

If something got in the way, what was that thing?

Doing this meant my meditation sessions then became really productive time. 

I could analyse my progress and note when it wasn’t going as well as I’d like (which was often in the beginning).

I could rid myself of irritations and frustrations because I hadn’t fixed the problem (yet).

I could work out why problems were still happening and come up with new ideas. Or refresh and strengthen the previous strategies I’d been using.

Help and Support for you

Your own way of thinking is such an important component of sticking with your meditation!   To help you with this, I’ve gone deeper into strengthening your meditation mindset with a FREE download called Quieten Your Mind.

Print it off, have a read and put the tips into action today, then monitor how your meditation changes as a result. If you’ve got any questions about it, I’d love to hear from you.  I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

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