Letting go of tension, body and mind.

Switch off and unwind as you’re guided through easy meditative movements and mindful breathing.

Come and join us on Tuesday’s for

Meditation Live classes on Zoom …

Annya Stoddart - Wisdom-Mind

Telling yourself to ‘just stop thinking‘ doesn’t work when you’re trying to meditate.

Often the opposite happens and thoughts get even busier! The remedy for this is changing your focus. 

When you redirect your attention away from your mind and towards your body using slow, deliberate, mindful movements, it’s much easier to let go of distractions and worries.

Simple, meditative movement quickly becomes soothing and grounding, especially when they’re movements you’re familiar with like hand washing, massage and shoulder shrugging.

When they’re done in a mindful way and combined with rhythmical and relaxing breathing patterns, the movements have a powerfully quietening effect on your mind and can bring about a sense of clarity and peace.

Come and join us in the Zoom Meditation Live class series:

Tuesday 20th Feb to 26th March (£66)

The class will be recorded so you can still enjoy a guided meditation even if you can’t make the Live.

Sitting comfortably in your chair, you’ll be:

BulletpointRelaxing deeply.

BulletpointWeaving in delicious moments of stillness as your thoughts slow down.

BulletpointLetting go of immediate worries and tensions, enabling you to rest properly.

Meditation and depression PDF

During the class I’ll explain what to look out for, so you’re reassured you’re doing it right.

After we’ve had a go, you can ask questions if there are any…

This class lasts about 30 mins (how long exactly will depend on how many questions come up).

If you can’t attend Live, the Meditation Class will be recorded.

The link to video recording will be emailed out to everybody who is enrolled, on Wednesday, the day after the live class. The recording will be replaced and updated each week of the 6-week class series.

There are two different times to pick from, 10am or 7.30pm. 

Choose which time works best for you, then click the

‘Yes please! Enrol me… ‘ button

If you only want the class recording, you still need to enrol.  Choose either the 10am or 7.30pm class enrolment button below, it doesn’t matter which.

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