Press pause on an overwhelmed, busy mind.

Find yourself relaxing in your perfectly peaceful place on a lovely sunny day, without having to feel good or be in the right place before you start to chill out.

A guided weekly meditation to let go of mind-body tensions, with simple movements and restful breathing rhythms that relax you into your favourite sunny spot.

Press play to see what I mean about simple, relaxing movements …

Telling yourself to ‘just-stop-thinking‘ doesn’t work when you’re trying to meditate.

When it feels like you’re not doing enough…

… that any decision you take might be wrong, leaving you flip flopping about like a stranded fish, unable to breathe.

The long list of possible options and decisions whirling round your mind means telling yourself  “Just-Stop-Thinking!” as you meditate  just doesn’t work.

Instead the opposite happens. Thoughts get even busier, more intrusive and overwhelming leaving you feeling more drained and bogged down than ever.

Instead of telling yourself to stop thinking…

…learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions using these meditation techniques:

1) Simple, slow, mindful movements help your body and mind relax, so that the aches in your joints, the headaches, the heaviness shrink away.

  • Without these discomforts fogging up your mind and hogging your energy, there’s now the head space for your thought processes to relax as well. Meditating just got so much easier!

2) Restful, rhythmical breathing  signals that ‘all-is-calm, all-is-well‘ so you can get back to all of the demands that are coming your way every day.

  • Hormonal teens. Aging parents. Caregiver to members of your family.
  • The times when it feels like your body is betraying you because of illness or just because of menopausal changes.
  • Meditation re-stocks your reservoir of energy, patience and calmness so its much easier to deal with it all.



How to press pause on non-stop thoughts and relax into your very own peaceful place:

  • A 5-week meditation class series live on Zoom, with recordings available if you can’t make the live (£90)

Tuesday 3rd Sept – 1st Oct 2024 at 10am, and lasting about 40 mins.

The link to video recording will be emailed to you on the Wednesday morning, ready for you to use at a time that suits you.

With these classes, gently guide your body and mind to a state of calm, making meditation an accessible, enjoyable experience.

This is more just a meditation practice; it’s a gateway to a more comfortable and contented life. With the video recordings available to you as well as the live class, you’ve got friendly support guiding you to a peaceful, warm and sunny place that is centering and grounding when you need it.

Click on the ‘Yes please, enrol me button‘ to enrol for the classes and get the recordings:


Meditation and depression PDF

These classes are perfect if you:

Are just starting out and you’re not really sure how to make meditation work for you.

In these lessons I’ll guide in what to do and what to expect so that you’ll know you’re doing-it-right every step of the way.

Have tried meditation before, but it didn’t really work out because you couldn’t control your thoughts.

This is a problem all meditators have at times, but the simple movements and breathing rhythms used in the class give your mind something fascinating and engaging to do, so a struggle to control your thoughts doesn’t get a look in.

Are an experienced meditator, but you haven’t meditated for awhile.

You want to find your way back to the comfortable and relaxed practice you had before and you need a reminder on what to do and how to do it.

Or, you want to try something new, to see if it works better that the meditation method you’re currently using.

Click on the ‘Yes please, enrol me button‘ to enrol for the classes and get the recordings:


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