Confident Home Meditation


Annya Stoddart

Welcome to this 3-part course presented by Annya Stoddart.


I recommend you turn off all notifications and distractions while watching the videos below.


Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

VIDEO #1: Before You Start Know These 3 Things

Why do you want to meditate and how do you want it to help you? Get clear on what you need to know and do. This knowledge is a powerful motivator and will give you the impetus to get going.

VIDEO #2. 5 Fixes When It’s Not Working For You

What to do when you can’t stop thinking … this video will help you with this and how to solve other common meditation problems.

VIDEO #3. How To Begin Your Home Practice

A tried and tested, step by step system to confidently start your home meditation – and know if you’re doing it right!

Your Next Step … Get Started!


Never done meditation before? Click on the 9 Breaths to find out more about this simple, quick and easy, free practice and then sign up to receive access to the training video.

Choose the 10-day course if you’re ready to deepen your experience of meditation and acquire the skill to calm down your mind when its full of thoughts.

9 Breaths to a Calmer Mind

9 Breaths to a Calmer Mind Mobile Phone

It only takes 9 breaths to a calmer mind. Feel the benefit immediately.

Invest 5 minutes and save many more by gaining focus, clarity, and calmness.

10 Days to a Relaxed and Happy Mind

10 days to a relaxed and happy mind Mobile Phone

A step by step home meditation course for beginners (using video lessons).

Click the button below to read about what’s included and sign up for the course.

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