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A free, 3-part course 


Feel confident with Meditation!

Know what you’re doing. Be aware of what you’re meant to be feeling. Learn how you get this ‘confident awareness’ with my 3 video masterclass series.

Video #1

Before you start know these 3 things

Video #2

5 fixes when it’s not working for you

Video #3

How to begin your home practice

confident meditating – Learn How!

In this 3 video masterclass series I’m going to show you how to get started with your meditation practice or how to get back to it if it’s got a bit rusty.

You’ll learn the secret to getting started and staying consistent as well as the pitfalls to avoid.  Sound good?

What You’ll Discover in this 3-Part Course:


The Impetus to get started 

Clarify why you need and want to do it. This is the basis for your ‘confident awareness’ because you know what you’re aiming for.  Use this clarity as the impetus to get started and keep going.


The 5 common pitfalls

All meditators experience them! Know what pitfalls to look out for and I’ll show you how you can get up, over or around them!


Practical, tried and tested techniques

Confidently begin your home meditation practice using my tried and tested step by step guide.

What Others Are Saying:


Alex Adams

“I use your meditation to help me de-clutter at the beginning of the day, so I can take a calmer approach to the endless ‘to-do list’. Funnily enough I’ve found that the more calm I am as I start the day, the more productive I can be.”

Marion Fraser

Your course gave me lots of food for thought and it was so enjoyable. It’s useful whatever age you are to change direction, to live the life you want or help you become the person you want to be.”

Iris Seaman

“Now we’ve finished learning about meditation I do feel more resilient,  I would like to feel even more ‘upright’ and frown less! I’m noticing that I do this when I step back into ‘normal life’, so now I can start working on it!”

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