Are you sceptical that sitting still and breathing deeply will really change your anxiety and depression?

I can say ‘yes it will’, but I know you really want a bit more information to understand how meditation helps you cope better.

This free,downloadable PDF is a straightforward explanation of how meditation works, so you can:

BulletpointUnderstand how meditation can bring you instant as well as long-term relief from anxiety and depression.

BulletpointBe able to decide if this technique is something you want to bring into your life as an ongoing support.

Meditation and depression PDF

What would it feel like to not have to wake up every morning and feel a knot in your gut or a sense of dread?

After reading the PDF you’ll have a better understanding that how you feel is not set in stone and your initial feelings do not have to fix how the rest of the day pans out.

You can change how your mind looks at and experiences the world using meditation as your support and guide, so you can have more control. You can have the ability to step out from a torrent of stressful thoughts and feelings and just observe them as they sweep by.


BulletpointTrains you to unwind the physical and mental tensions that arise from stress.

BulletpointGuides you in the know-how of letting go, so you can direct yourself away from uncomfortable, debilitating thoughts and feelings, and be more objective.

Even when you’re not feeling anxiety in the present moment, practicing meditation will give you the skills of lifting your spirit and feeling able to cope when challenging life events happen.

Meditation acts as a reservoir of calmness and contentment, filling you up so it’s ready to use as and when you need it.


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