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How I sorted my work-life balance

I lead a very busy life. As well as launching my Wisdom-Mind business, I also have a thriving acupuncture practice, a husband and a home to look after. I can manage all this now as I took the important step of sorting my work-life balance. However, my life wasn't...

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10 Mindfulness Myths and Misconceptions

Mindfulness Myths dispelled: could it work for you? Have you been thinking that a Mindfulness practice could help you feel much more relaxed? Make life's big and little difficulties a bit easier to cope with? If you have, that makes me really happy (because you are...

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How to choose your BEST mindfulness position

Contrary to what you may have seen or read, to be successful at Mindfulness, you do not have to be extra supple or sit still for long periods of time. Your mindfulness practice will be most successful if you choose your best mindfulness position. The best one for you...

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Getting to know Dad. Don’t leave it too late.

Getting to know Dad. Don't leave it too late. https://youtu.be/ytippAoEbXw Transcript - Getting to know Dad What’s your relationship like with your Dad? I started to think about mine when I realised that my Dad was becoming quite elderly and infirm. It hit home to me...

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Mind Mum! How meditation helped me cope

Mind Mum! How meditation helped me cope https://youtu.be/_aWFQhZ46w0 Transcript - Mind Mum What’s your relationship like with your Mum? I know that in the past I have found my Mum to be a really huge challenge.  She used to make me feel so angry! But it was when I...

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The Mindfulness Guide to Mum and Dad

The Mindfulness Guide to Mum and Dad Mindfulness is totally brilliant at helping you sort out difficult stuff that is affecting you, including difficult relationships with Mum and Dad. This guide covers how Mindfulness helped me improve my relationship with both Mum...

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Theo Paphitis #SBS Official Winner!

Theo Paphitis #SBS Small Business Sunday Official Winner

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