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Thoughts and help on mindfulness

Call the Cleaners!

Have you ever seen the television programme ‘Call the Cleaners? It’s the one where a team visits exceptionally dirty and cluttered houses and makes them over. My mother lives in a house just like these. For my mum it means that no visitors will come, none of her...

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Feeling frustrated??! Mindfulness helps

When you are feeling frustrated meditation can help! Here's how I am using it at the moment. We (that's me and my team) are working hard to write,video-record, edit and get online a 10-day meditation programme for you. I’m also preparing a free 5-minute meditation...

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My day with Dragons Den’s Theo Paphitis

My day with Theo Paphitis I’m sure most people reading this will know about the BBC programme Dragons’ Den. In terms of viewers, it attracts business entrepreneurs and amateur enthusiasts alike. Theo Paphitis is perhaps best known for being a former Dragon, but he is...

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