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Working with Qi, Energy, Prana or Ki. Different names for the same concept but all of them can be applied to looking after your health and well being.

Annya sitting in the wood Hi, I’m Annya Stoddart, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, writer, speaker, coach  and meditator.  I have been fascinated by the subject of mind, body and spirit since I was a teenager…..


….searching for my Wisdom Mind


I have been searching for my Wisdom Mind, my ‘inner compass’ since I was in my twenties.

It has led me to the study of Meditation (with a Buddhist school called Mahayana).  This is where I have discovered how to slow down my thoughts and calm my emotions.  I have found my Wisdom Mind space and I now know how to use it in everyday life.

The benefits of this have been many, but include:

WisdomMind bulletpoint  helping with difficult family relationships

WisdomMind bulletpoint coping with bereavement

WisdomMind bulletpoint dealing with the demands of a busy workload.

Annya Standing sunrise meditationWhen I started my journey I explored the world of fitness training; teaching aerobics, step classes and circuit training.  But, whilst this taught me about how our body is structured and about good nutrition, it didn’t help me be a good partner to my husband or a good employee at work or deal with my life day to day.

Then I explored the world of yoga.  This made my body and mind more flexible.  It enabled me to slow down a bit and realise I needed to change how I was living.  But, unfortunately, it didn’t help me manage the stress of running a large staff team or help me with my difficult relationship with my parents.

My full time management job was making me tired and stressed and it was causing regular shoulder and neck pain.  Having had a few acupuncture treatments I found it not only relieved the aches and soreness but revitalised me as well.  I decided to change what I was doing, so I studied acupuncture to degree level, working part time and studying part time until I qualified in 2008.

I still run the Pain Relief Clinic.  Hearing the relief in patients’ voices’ and seeing their ability to move with greater ease is always a great pleasure.

It has helped me understand about nourishing body and mind, about how emotions impact on our health and the importance of keeping our body energy moving.  When we get stuck mentally and physically, that is where the ill health comes in.

I have put together my current work as an acupuncturist together with my experience as a yoga teacher and a fitness instructor to create my brainchild – Wisdom-Mind.  It’s a combination of the principles of health and wellness from all of these perspectives.  Rather than just focusing on our body, Wisdom-Mind makes use of meditation, of training our minds’ ability to grow and nourish a healthy mind, body and spirit.

If you are looking for your Wisdom Mind, your ‘inner compass’, sign up for ‘Insights’ where I share the steps that matter to help you become calmer, have more energy and more joy and more happiness.  As the Buddha said when asked “What have you gained from meditation?”, “Nothing, but let me tell you what I have lost.  Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.”  I couldn’t have put it better myself.

What have you gained from meditation?

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