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“Just sit. Soften your body, slow down your thoughts…and  smile”

Annya Stoddart, Founder of Wisdom-Mind Meditation
I’m Annya Stoddart and Wisdom-Mind is my brainchild. Through practising meditation for a number of years and I have discovered many benefits such as:

WisdomMind bulletpoint  helping with difficult family relationships

WisdomMind bulletpoint coping with bereavement

WisdomMind bulletpoint dealing with the demands of a busy workload.

I have put together my current work as an acupuncturist with my experience as a yoga teacher. WisdomMind is a combination of the principles of health and wellness from a yoga perspective alongside the (not too dissimilar) principles from acupuncture. The first ‘baby’ from this union is my Yin Yang Meditation Training, available shortly as a podcast. Please fill in the form below to receive Wisdom Mind Insights.

I very much enjoyed the meditation session.  Not only were we given background information and guidance, we were given time to experience the sensation of meditation as well; something which was more powerful than instruction alone. Jane Cattermole

The meditation on Saturday had a remarkable effect on me. Apart from the sensation of physical weight on reaching my lip and chin I was spaced out all afternoon and unusually calm (this is what everyone told me!). That night I slept a solid 6 hours. Clive Fisher

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Suffolk-Norfolk Life Magazine
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